About Stroix Servers

Necessity is the mother of invention” and it also happens to be of Stroix. Stroix was conceptualized to fulfill the need of the “the one we’re looking for” type of Dedicated Servers based off Netherlands. Due to the increase in demands for dedicated servers from this region, there has been a bombardment of many hosts providing dedicated servers. From these ever increasing providers, all providing one and the same kind of plans, customers usually are in a fix as to which ones to go for and which ones to leave out. In such a competitive scenario, there actually is less offered by hosts to the customers at the same pricing. So, customers don’t get what is worth their money.

After studying the Netherlands server market, our team saw an opportunity in this region. Though there is a huge demand of servers based in Netherlands but providers are not taking into account all of customers’ needs. We at Stroix feel that customers should get the most out of region which has a lot to offer to them.

We have apart from the standard plans, “Budget” plans (not to be confused with “cheap” plans) which cater to a large part of the customer base. We ensure that budget plans meet the standard quality of service.

Not sure which server you require ? We'll help you out!