SmartDC Datacenter

SmartDC launched the Rotterdam flagship facility in 2009 after a one year design phase. The SmartDC: Dataport of Rotterdam facility is located in the monumental UNESCO listed Van Nelle facility in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. SmartDC is well known for it's unique suite concept featuring dedicated suites per customer. Every suite is a mini-datacenter with private cooling, power breakers, security and capacity build-out. Our flagship datacenter operates 24 of these suites. Our datacenters are all Tier-3+ with N+1 cooling, N+1 uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), N+1 generators and two transformers for 23,000 Volt mains power for a total of 12 MegaWatt (MW) power usage.

SmartDC Data Operations Team

Our datacenters are operated by trained and certified staff members for optimal operating conditions. We operate on location both a 24x7 on-duty security team and a seperate 24x7 staffed datacenter operations team. SmartDC offers rapid response times on best effort basis and for mission critical hosting a garantueed 24x7x365 datacenter SLA for priority access to our datacenter infrastructure management services. SmartDC offers:
  • Remote Smart Hands
  • Hardware installation
  • Software installation and management
  • Hardware maintenance
  • On-site assistance for technicians, vendors and visitors
  • Logistics assitance: shipping, track and trace
  • Tape and hard drive swaps and handling
  • Inventory management

SmartDC Connectivity

SmartDC operates carrier neutral datacenters with direct backbone connectivity to the internet. Our meet-me-rooms house over 20 international carriers offering services such as IP Transit, IP Peering, Remote Peering, DWDM wavelengths, dark-fiber, Metro-loops and local loops, IP VPN, Long Haul Ethernet, ISDN, VOIP, Mobile and xDSL lines. The SmartDC datacenters are connected from multiple fiber paths to multiple in-house meet-me-rooms. The meet-me-rooms connect to ODFs and with redundant fiber ducts to your racks at SmartDC. We offer an open marketplace for carriers and IP Transit providers to connect to networks, end-users, ISPs.

Internet Exchanges

SmartDC offers direct connectivity to the following internet exchanges:

  • AMS-IX; available AMS-IX partner program
  • NL-IX; available in-house
  • DE-CIX; available through 10 on-site carriers
  • LINX; available through 10 on-site carriers

IP Transit

The three largest Tier-1 networks Level3, Global Crossing and Cogent offer services in the SmartDC Meet-me-Rooms. This offers the advantage to directly connect to the backbone of the internet without local fiber or any other 3rd party dependencies. Your account manager is available to introduce you to the key account managers. SmartDC also offers direct connectivity to over 10 other IP Transit providers.

Cloud Connectivity

SmartDC offers a solid backbone from its datacenters. Additionally connectivity to over twelve cloud platforms is possible directly from SmartDC datacenters. Our partners are approved AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Google Carrier Interconnect partners and can offer low latency connectivity directly to cloud environments. Point to Point or Point to Multi-Point for multiple providers or redundancy is available. Connection speeds range from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, with or without SLAs covering packet delivery from 99.8 to 99.99%. Contact us for more information about connectivity.

SmartDC Company Profile

SmartDC Profile

  • Started in 2009
  • Privately owned and operated
  • Strong EBITDA
  • Multi-million equity


  • 24x7 Remote Hands
  • 24x7 Security On-site
  • 24x7 Global Off-site NOC
  • Office based in Rotterdam

Management Team

  • CEO: 20 years industry experience
  • CTO: 15 years IT experience
  • Able to make act decisions
  • Management owned company

Green IT

  • 100% Green Energy
  • Low energy, high capacity cooling
  • Closed cold- and warm corridors
  • Adiabatic cooling technology
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